Overview of our research

Our teams of researchers are interested in finding out how cells that are found in the skin and mucosa in our body (the thin layer that covers the inside of our gut and airways) work to protect against diseases of inflammation or infection. They are interested in how signals from these cells might help drive healthy immune responses required to clear infections so that these might be harnessed for development of better vaccines.  They are also interested in how defective signals from these cells lead to inflammation. Here cellular defects lead to uncontrolled immune responses that underpin many mucosal diseases. Some examples of diseases where faulty mucosal immune responses are observed are inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), gastrointestinal cancer, lung fibrosis and eczema.

All the research undertaken by our team is looking at how these cells are working in health, in inflammation or in infections and developing treatments that help those who suffer from one of the above illnesses. New discoveries that are made in our labs have relevance for clinical practice. Through our research we aim to improve the health care, quality of life and prevention of disease and infection.


  • Overview of our research