About the Registry

The Research Registry is a database made up of people who volunteer to consider participation in research studies. Our aim is to bring the medical research advances to those who can benefit from them more directly and quickly. Finding new treatments and developing new drugs are fundamentally due to a better understanding of the changes that occur in our body at the smallest level (in the cells). Our team of scientists and doctors look at the cellular changes caused by abnormal immune responses and inflammation in different organs, such as digestive system, lungs and skin. To establish that the changes are caused by inflammation we also need to have healthy volunteers and compare their samples to the diseased ones.

Therefore, if you attend regular outpatient clinics or undergo endoscopic procedures, you may want to sign our registry. Your family members may also register as healthy participants.  By joining the Research Register you give us permission to contact you and invite you to participate in studies for which we think you might be a suitable candidate. Participating in studies to which you may be invited is voluntary. The information we will ask you to provide is: name, address, email, phone and research area you would like to take part. Your details will be held on a secure server and all the information will be kept strictly confidential and in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation. We will NOT pass on your information for profit to other researchers or commercial organisations. Your details may be accessed by the nursing and medical staff of our Research Team only. The Research Registry has been carefully reviewed by the Research and Development Department at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. You can withdraw from registry at any point by emailing us at gi.research@ndm.ox.ac.uk.


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